Thursday, July 27, 2017

DMC Blog Hop: Stitchable Cork Floral Ear Bud Pouch DIY Tutorial

DMC Stitchable Cork Ear Bud Pouch DIY Tutorial 
Related Posts Widget for Blogs by LinkWithinSuper excited to share this project with you as part of the DMC Blog Hop! I love working with the new DMC Stitchable Cork fabric, it has been coming in handy for a wide variety of projects and I adore the earthy look of it. For this project I used the regular DMC Stitchable Cork but it also comes in Cork with Gold. It can be found at most major craft retailers and just about everywhere online AND it comes with a free pattern that I designed so I have to say I'm a little partial. 

Ear Bud Pouch DIY Tutorial with DMC Stitchable Cork Fabric & DMC Floss:


·         1 Sheet of DMC Stitchable Cork Fabric

·         1 Sheet of tracing paper/Transfer pen or pencil

·         Embroidery Needle, Scissors

·         Cute Button about ¾ inch big

·         1 piece of elastic cording or ribbon

·         DMC Floss colors: 3821, 906, 3824, 3819, .602, .603, .605, 959 

    How To:

1.      Print out your template sheet with your Floral Circle pattern. Pin it to your stitchable cork and cut 2 circles. 
2.      Next using the same template, grab your tracing paper and trace the floral design onto your tracing paper with your transfer pen or pencil. Cut our your tracing paper circle. 
3.      Heat up your iron and follow these instructions: 
4.      *How to transfer your pattern onto your stitchable cork: I recommend using Sublime Stitching Fine Tip Transfer Pen but a Sulky pen or Aunt Martha’s Transfer Pencil should work just fine. To use this method, use the ‘reversed’ version of the design and trace it with your transfer pen onto your tracing paper. Place it face down onto your stitchable cork and apply pressure – hold in place for about 10 or 15 seconds. Use a medium setting on your iron with no steam. 
5.      Once you have it transferred, relax and get to stitchin’! I started with the biggest flower and placed my button first. I used the DMC Floss colors listed above and few basic stitches such as mainly the Fill Stitch or Satin Stitch, French Knot, Cross Stitch, and Back Stitch. (If you do not know these stitches, just google or pinterest them and you will find a bunch of amazing tutorials, they are so easy!)  
6.      Next take about a 4 inch piece of your thin elastic cording or ribbon and tie the end together. Line it up on the back of your remaining cork circle and stitch it down in place. I free hand cut a small heart from left over cork and stitched it on top once I had my elastic cording lined up to go around my button.

7.      Next I used a blanket stitch to stitch a small section at the top of my front and back – this stitch is just decorative and this part of the circle will remain open to be the top of our pouch.

8.      Once that is completed, I matched up my 2 cork circles, making sure my cording and button were evenly in place and stitched a blanket stitch around the remaining edge of my pouch to sew it together.

9.      All done, now it’s time to stuff those ear buds in there and toss it in your purse or backpack!!


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Sunday, September 18, 2016

DMC Stitchable Bracelets & Coloris Floss!

Related Posts Widget for Blogs by LinkWithinHave you seen these incredibly neat Stitchable Bracelets by DMC? They are super fun and so easy to stitch. They measure about 1.5 inches wide and come in several colors. They have a perforated section in the middle so you can add your own personalized design. The pre-punched holes really lend themselves well to cross-stitch designs. 

Since I'm more of a freehand style embroiderer, I decided to grab a few skeins of my new beautiful DMC Coloris floss and just freehand a pseudo-cross-stitchy design. Instead of filing up the whole design space with stitches, I left some blank space to let the design pop. I love how this worked with the Coloris floss, since it's multicolored and mixes four different shades together, it had a nice effect with my design without having to grab a new color of floss. 

Can't wait to see how my fellow stitchers will be using these cool bracelets! 

New Cactus & Succulent Hand Embroidery Pattern on Etsy!

Related Posts Widget for Blogs by LinkWithinNew to the shop! Super cute Cactus & Succulent PDF embroidery pattern!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Iron On Embroidery Patterns now available on Etsy!

 Introducing new Iron On Embroidery Patterns - now on Etsy! So excited to offer some of my most loved patterns as Iron On Transfers. If you loved a pattern and wanted to give it as a gift, have a physical copy for yourself, or just prefer Iron On's over other transfer methods - now you can have your own copy! These designs were professionally printed and can be used for multiple transfers, up to 6 times or more! When you're done, you can save the design to trace using other transfer methods, horray! These patterns are also available for wholesale if you'd like to stock them in your shop!

I am super busy getting more felt patterns ready for fall as pdfs, printed versions, and as kits!! Can't wait to show you all what I have in the works!

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