Jodie Rackley was always the artsy & crafty type, she tried many things but it was not until she started to embroider that she found her true crafty love. Jodie is a self taught crafter known for her bold use of color and simple designs that comprise her handmade line Lova Revolutionary, her work as been featured on MarthaStewart.com & ApartmentTherapy.com, at the Craft Hobby & Association Trade Show, and in many wonderful boutiques all across the country. She stitches up a storm everyday in her home studio in Fredericksburg, Virginia where she resides with her husband Joe and her sweet little beasts Captain Nibbles & Sleepy Kitty. She is inspired by modern design old and new, everything vintage, art & history, music, love, and of course handmade.

 About Lova Revolutionary: 

Lova Revolutionary began in January of 2009, when I came up with a name I liked and decided to make edgy, political, punk rock, and socially conscious art. Luckily for you, everything came out cute instead! All of my products use 100% Recycled Eco Felt by Kunin which is a high quality craft felt made from recycled soda bottles. Many of the fabrics and notions that you see on my goods are vintage and are sourced from thrift stores and antique stores. Everything is hand stitched, hand cut, and come from my own original designs and patterns. I work everyday in my home craft lab to make cute and quality gifts and accessories!