Monday, January 31, 2011


Photos from CHA Show 2011

Lova Revolutionary @ The CHA Show Trade Show - Los Angeles 2011
Lova Revolutionary @ The Kunin Felt Booth - CHA Show Winter 2011
Lova Revolutionary @ The Kunin Felt Booth - CHA Show 2011
Related Posts Widget for Blogs by LinkWithinThe lovely blogger Cathe over at Just Something I Made was kind enough to send me over some photos of the Kunin booth at the CHA Show, just thought I'd share! I couldn't be more excited to have my little product line displayed at the show! I've decided that next year it's definitely a trip I have to make, or perhaps maybe I'll even snag some tickets to the Summer show!

Friday, January 21, 2011

LR with Kunin Felt @ CHA Show!!!

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So pleased to announce that LR will be a Featured Artist at the KUNIN Felt, Foss Mfg. Booth at the Craft & Hobby Association Winter Trade Show coming up in Los Angeles, CA - Jan 29 - Feb 1, 2011!! If you're attending visit Booth # 1701 to see the display. Special Thanks to everyone at Kunin Felt for their help & support!! Horray for felt goodness! 

For those of you that are unaware of Eco-Fi Felt made by Kunin - it is 100% Recycled Felt made from post consumer product plastics - soda bottles! It's super colorful, durable, soft, great to work with - and of course, eco friendly! Find out more at the Kunin Felt Website.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shop Update!

Eco Felt Sugar Skull Wall Hanging 

Eco Felt Sugar Skull Wall Hanging Close Up

Hot Pink I Heart You Pin Valentines Day

Mini Teal Owl Painting Original Acrylic 5x5 inch 

Just thought I'd share my little shop update for this week! I have more new goodies on the way and some surprises so be sure to check back with me soon! 

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

LR featured on TokyoBunnie

Featured on TokyoBunnie Today! So exciting since I'm a huge fan of TokyoBunnie & all the Bored, Inc. brands! Visit the links to check out the blog & website! Uber cute stuff!
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shop Update!

Doing a little bit of a shop update this week! I can't wait to introduce some brand new goodies in 2011! I'm so very close to being totally all caught up after the Xmas rush. It was complete madness & an awesomely pleasant surprise to be so busy! 

A few new goodies for you: 

20 Brand New Felt Owl Phone Cozy Designs!
Eco Felt Mini Owl Plush in Teal & Red Polka Dot
Little Tea Pot Original Painting 5x5
Mushroom House Original Painting 5 x 7


I was recently tagged by Petite Hermine for some random facts! I'll be sure to update the post soon so I can pass it along to some other bloggers. It was one of my goals this year to be a little bit more personable on the blog & share a little more, so this is a great way to start! 

7 Random (or not so Random) Facts:

1.       I collect lots of different things, in small collections, that I will eventually stop collecting to move onto collecting other things.  If that makes any sense! Recent small collections: kokeshi dolls & other random wooden dolls & blind box toys. 

2.       I love art (duh), ancient all the way up to modern & current artists. I minored in art history in college, I don’t care about memorizing facts about art like the exact name of a painting or a particular sub group of a specific movement.   

3.       I have a black lab, Captain Nibbles and a kitty named Sleepy Kitty. 

4.       Roseanne is one of my favorite tv shows. 

5.       I’ve probably said I wanted to dye my hair pink like over a hundred times but I never have, I should probably do it already. 

6.        Power tools freak me out. 

7.       I once went to a magic shop in Punxsutawney, PA. They claimed to have souvenirs, they surely did not.