Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shop Lova Revolutionary : Handmade + Art @ Wholly Craft! - Columbus, Ohio

Recently, shipped off some goodies to Wholly Craft! in Columbus, Ohio! If you're in the Columbus area stop by to Check out new goodies from Lova Revolutionary : Handmade + Art ! Awesome birdie brooches, owl brooches, & big tweet bird plush arriving soon!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Men of Etsy : Eye Candy @ Gajillionaire

Meet Gajillionaire aka Brandon an independent artist from San Francisco, who has an awesome collection on Etsy full of beautiful pop art inpsired paintings & bright, vivid fine art photographs. His work has been featured in New York Times & Surface Magazine. Only one phrase really comes to mind when checking out Brandon's work - pure eye candy!

1. Tell me more! Who are you? Where are you? & What do you do?

My name is Seamus Brandon Kiel and I'm an artist who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've lived here for close to 14 years having moved here from New York City after graduating college at the University of Oklahoma. I began working as an artist full time about 5 years ago and am still chugging along.

2. I love your pop art paintings - A little pop, a little op, and a jolt of color. Your awesome technique & style reminds me of something I'd see displayed on hand painted surf boards or early skateboard graphics. Is there anything in particular that inspires your designs?

I love, love, love to research! I spend an inordinate amount of time in the stacks at the UC Berkeley and Stanford's libraries looking at Islamic architecture, Russian iconography, 1940's, 50's, and 60's design and graphics, surf and skate culture, hobo/tramp art, expensive foreign magazines, and basic graffiti (as San Francisco is a tag artist mecca). I process it all, digest it, and then send it back out through my own lens. I've found that the more I know and grow the more complicated my pieces become.

3. Your photos are lovely, you've been featured in many popular publications - can you tell me a little about your work for NY Times & Surface Magazine?

Limn Gallery in San Francisco carries the large sized, limited edition, more high-end cibachrome versions of these images and the New York Times found me through them. Surface Magazine had apparently seen something of mine that was installed in Milan and after a studio visit decided to do a story based on my work and background. Things have just slowly developed from there; I get contacted occasionally by a writer or editor either wanting more information or to cover the art in one aspect or another.

4. How'd you find Etsy & What made you want to open up shop?

I found Etsy one afternoon while looking to buy a gift for a notoriously temperamental friend. I googled "handmade art" and Etsy popped up. After being completely overwhelmed first by the depth of the pool I was then just bowled over by the intensity of craftsmanship and detail I saw in so many peoples work. It took me a bit of time to draw up the courage but I finally decided to dip my toe in the healing Etsy waters and have just been astonished by the reception and warmth of this community. If I am anything, it is detailed and meticulous about the work I produce and Etsy is a perfect environment for that. I'm surrounded by artisans and collectors who not only recognize but truly appreciate quality work.

5. Where else can we find your work? Online? B&M?

Well the hand painted "gajillionaire" pieces are only for sale right now through my studio and via Etsy. I have a more intricate version that involves photo collage and silkscreening that I may sell on here at some point but right now is only at Zinc Details in San Francisco. You can see those pieces online though at . The high end versions of my flower pieces are available at Limn Gallery in San Francisco, and William Switzer in Chicago and Miami.

I am an unapologetic art egalitarian and feel that everyone should have the ability to own *real* artwork that excites them and is well made. That's the main reason why I price my hand made pieces the way I do and why I produce small prints of my photography affordably. I completely believe that once you graduate college or get your first "real" job, in addition to shedding that lumpy futon, you should burn all your Monet, Ansel Adams, and Van Gogh posters. I think supporting real artists not only incorporates your aesthetic ideals in a more personal way but also involves you more deeply into your community. Buying a poster from Target will never be able to do that for you. Buy art from living artists.

6. If you could have lunch with any artist living or not, who would it be and why?

Oh wow, I love that question. I have too many really so I'll put together a lunch party. I'm obsessed with the 15th Century calligraphy of Maria Strick so she'd be there, Ross Bleckner more for his watercolors than anything else, Andy Warhol I think would be a great lunch partner, Louise Bourgeois for the glint in her eye and her straightforwardness, and Dan Flavin makes my heart expand so he'd have to be there. We'd have it at French Laundry and it would hopefully last until the kicked us out.

7. Please tell the blog audience 5 random facts!

I grew up on a farm in the Ouachita National Forest in a very remote part of southeastern Oklahoma now called Big Creek (the first reader to email me with what Big Creek is used to be known as can have a print of their choosing and I'll pay postage. Good luck.)

I spend a inordinate amount of time camping in the beautiful northern California wilderness. The more remote the better.

I'm getting married to the love of my life this July. I **cannot** wait!

I've been a Big Brother through Big Brothers/Big Sisters for close to 11 years now. My "little" is not so little anymore. He's just turned 18. That experience has been one of the best adventures I've ever undertaken. If you've ever thought about it, do it! You'll get so much out of it!

I love the work "hula hoop" spoken slowly in falsetto. It always makes me smile.

Find out more about Brandon & Gajillionaire:

Hand Painted/Silkscreened Paintings on Poplar Wood with Epoxy Resin Glaze

Hats and gloves are big at Fashion Week

Next fall, invest in whimsical and unusual cold weather accessories
updated 1:45 p.m. ET, Thurs., Feb. 19, 2009

If women buy just one fashion item for autumn 2009, let it be long leather gloves or an over-the-top hat to freshen up their wardrobes, according to style experts at New York Fashion Week.

Making a statement with unusual accessories can get consumers to spend because it is fairly easy on the budget, they said. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a couture dress, women are more likely to spend a few hundred or less on a necklace or shoes.

"Bold accessories are the most affordable way to update a wardrobe," said Constance White, style director for eBay, the online marketplace where clothes, shoes and accessories racked up more than $20 billion in gross merchandise volume last year.

Italian designer Domenico Vacca, one of hundreds of designers who showed their Fall 2009 collections at New York's semi-annual fashion event, showed gold and silver hoop earrings nearly as big as saucers.

"Why not? We love to exaggerate," he said backstage. "We love to go big."

Max Azria, Tracy Reese and Georges Chakra were among designers showing gloves to the elbow or above with day and evening wear.

"I loved the gloves. There's an elegance that's finding its way back," said Harriette Cole, creative director of Chicago-based Ebony magazine, after the Cynthia Steffe show.

Complementing the gloves were elbow- or bracelet-length sleeves on coats, sweaters and dresses.

Tory Burch, named Accessory Designer of the Year in 2008 by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, said first lady Michelle Obama helped inspire the trend with the green leather gloves by J. Crew that she wore on inauguration day, January 20.

"A lot of women are looking to her for style influence," said Burch.

On the catwalks, shoes had severe straps and stilettos, biker-styled boots had slim chains and faux fur collars adorned many a coat.

"You could put that collar on an old coat and make it new again," said Yolanda Variano, who went to the Tracy Reese show to shop for her boutique Palma in New York.

Popular too were walnut-sized rings and stacked bangle bracelets.

There were also hats galore — Diane von Furstenberg's whimsical pompom-topped numbers, equestrian styles at Monarchy, knitted wool caps by Generra and wide-brimmed toppers by Toni Maticevski.


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Tagged! I spy photos!

I was tagged by Shimmer Me Blue to share a photo with fellow bloggers! Shimmer Me Blue has a very nice jewelry shop @ Etsy - please check out her lovely jewels @!

Here's the rules:

Choose the 6th image out of your 6th picture folder from your computer and blog it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same!

Okay, I have a bazillion photos on my computer, probably taking up a whole lotta hard drive space but whatever, I have a hard time with deleting stuff...I need more externals! Anyhow, insteading of sharing photos of my stuff or shop, I went for my personal stash - I try to stay anonymous on the net but it keeps getting harder & harder! You people are so nosey! haha! My 6th folder is entitled "Nibbies" - my stash of photos of my dog. I -really- love my dog (more coming about that later). Since the 6th photo was actually my bf snoozing with the dog - way cute-, I'll have to post my 7th photo - Captain Nibbles Baby Pic!

Captain Nibbles = Lova Revolutionary Mascot, Cat tormentor, Girls Best Friend, Fav Shoe Eater, Alarm Clock, Resident Goat, & The Best Ball Playing Lab Dog Ever.

Nibbies is now around 1 1/2 and roughly about 60 pounds bigger, this pic was taken just a short time after I got him, just a little baby dog! He was passed along to me after a friend of mine had gotten him for his little girls (awesome Dad!), unfortunately they were new to the pet world and it didn't work out :(. Labs are crazy dogs - He was and still is a total monster and unruly beast! However, I got an awesome friend & companion that brings me tons of joy everyday! Thanks Dave, Amy, & Stephanie!!!

Now for the super fun part! Tag you're it:


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A Few Favs from Pyrex in Action Flickr Pool

Coming Soon to Lova Handmade : Take Me Out Chopsticks

Take Me Out : Handpainted Chopsticks & Vintage Fabric Carrying Case

Trouble Downunder! Help the Red Cross help Australia! Buy Arts & Crafts Now!

Some awesome Etsians got together and set up a shop on Etsy : Victorian Bushfire Appeal to help raise money for the Red Cross working in Australia. Etsy shop owners have donated goods that are now on sale @, go there and make a purchase and the funds are donated to the Red Cross! There's some really cute stuff sale and its gettin scooped up quickly! Make a donation if you can!

Friday, February 6, 2009

V-day Spotlight : Cards, Art, & Love :

You & Me Greeting Card by

Set of 4 Love Birds Cards by

Find loads of cute V-day goodies, Prints, Cards, & Original Art by JuliaAnna from Detroit, MI. Her V-day goodies make me wanna write love notes! There's more where this came from - visit Julia Anna @ Etsy
Find more from Julia Anna here:
All photos by JuliaAnna Copyright 2008

Rad Valentines Day Crafts from CRAFT Magazine Flickr Pool

Valentines Noms by Merwing

Valentines Clothes Pins by mamutopia
Crocheted Valentine Hearts by Oiyi

Vintage Style Chenelle Ornaments by oldworldprimitives

Friday I'm in Love Valentines by spottedsparrow