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UK shuns designer wear for thrift

UK shoppers are avoiding potential "fashion victim" purchases by turning to cheap chic instead of designer clothes, a new survey indicates.

It appears shoppers would now rather use supermarkets, Primark, Matalan, or Etam, than fashionable designer stores.

In fact, half the 2,000 people taking part in the Morgan Stanley survey said they had hidden designer-clothing buys.

Londoners remain proudest of high-price outfits, while those in south-west England are most proud of thrifty buys.

The bank said more Britons were now looking to be "clever shoppers", with 85% saying they were more likely to show off something they paid a pittance for than an item they had splashed out on.

And among women of all ages, four-fifths have been most proud of bargains snapped up at supermarkets, with the likes of Tesco and Asda taking an increasing share of clothing spending.

'Affordable clothing'

Only teenagers appear to be hanging on as willing "fashion victims" - happy to show off their stylish buys to their friends.

But, as age takes its toll, it seems most Britons lose their interest in 'haute couture' - with the survey showing that by their 50s only one-third can take a pride in having designer wear.

Patrick Muir, of Morgan Stanley Consumer Banking, said: "Quality items are now so accessible, whatever the budget, and we are seeing some of the country's top designers producing affordable clothing ranges for the supermarkets and department stores."

While those in the People in the South West are most likely to be proud of a bargain, the Welsh are said to be most likely to revel in finding a large reduction at sales.

Those in Londoners were most likely to be pleased with labels, with the majority telling friends when they bought designer clothes.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2005/09/18 08:18:20 GMT

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