Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rad Etsy Finds : Vancouver's LittLe HOuses

LittLe HOuses caught my eye in the Etsy Treasury quite a few times - rad jackets, hats, pants, & accessories - fresh style featuring solids, quite plaids, handmade buttons, and great lines - all handmade by Shanah an Independent Designer in Vancouver, BC. Shanah designs have a truly unique style and she constructs an awesome product from start to finish. Shanah's noteworthly fashions sparked my interest, so I decided to find out more!

Shanah - Thanks so much for the interview and for letting me feature Little Houses on Lova Revolutionary Blog! Your designs are vicious - very cool and sophisticated, yet a little urban and punk rock! I see your designs appealing to a wide variety of stylish people.

In your own words, Please describe Little Houses style.

I think my clothes have an artistic style to them. I did a year of Art School before I got into fashion so I feel like a lot of that has leaked into my sewing. That's also how I got into making my own ceramic buttons. I like to make clothing that is just a little bit different from the 'norm'.

How did you get started creating and designing your own line? And how long have you been sewing?

I have been sewing for as long as I can remember, but up until I actually went to school for it, I could only sew squares. A girlfriend that I went to Art School with and I started making bags and doing lino cut prints and silk-screened images onto them. We would sell them at local markets. That's kind of when I realized that I loved sewing and I wanted to learn how to do it technically.

Are there any artists/designers that you find influential/inspirational, independent or otherwise?

There are a lot of really great local designers in Vancouver. I have a huge appreciation for people who make things by hand, whether its sewing or not. I'm a bit of a sucker for ceramics! It's just really inspiring seeing people doing what they love. It's not easy being an artist, you really have to work hard and not get discouraged, so when I see someone doing it and doing well at it, it pushes me to keep going.

Are there any other artistic mediums that you enjoy?

I love painting, and drawing. I also love the pottery wheel, I just wish I had more time for it! I currently have a pottery wheel in my garage that never gets used. I also love to knit and make jewelry. Basically if it's something I can do by hand, I love it!

Other than Etsy, where can we find your designs?

I have another online shop on a website called Supermarket. I also sell in stores in Vancouver at Twigg & Hottie, and Dream. In Seattle at Galactic Boutique, in Portland at Makool and in Boston at Oak.

Do you have any new & upcoming projects in the works?

I am currently working on some sweaters for the winter and some new jacket designs. In the winter I make warmer, cozier hooded jackets usually made of wool so I'm working on those right now. Jackets are my favorite thing to make so that's what you will see the most of!

Tell me about your favorite things about Vancouver and your favorite cup of coffee.

I love all the good restaurants in Vancouver, I love the local food markets as well as all the local craft markets. I love that I can ride my bike all year round! My favorite cup of coffee is an Americano from Caffè Artigiano, delicious!

Find Shanah & Little Houses on the web:
Little Houses @ ETSY
Hathouse @ ETSY
Litte Houses @ Supermarket
Little Houses Blog

In Stores:
Vancouver: Twigg & Hottie and Dream
Seattle: Galactic Boutique
Portland: Makool
Boston: Oak

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