Monday, June 22, 2009

hi, i'm a guest. where's the coffee?

pour yourself a cuppa and settle in new friends, i'm here to rock your world.

ok. that's a lofty goal.
how about i start with an introduction.

i'm leah. i'm going guest write here every once in a while. (lucky you). aaaand, jodie will be guesting over at moxiephotodesign, my blog, as well. i know, fun stuff eh?

and now, me. on etsy, i am found at moxiephotodesign (my makings) and moxiethrift (my vintage findings). and i really like lists so i think i will close this little ditty with a list of me things.

1) i dig lists.
2) married to brent.
3) i dig words. (just wait. you'll see.)
4) graphic designer for 8 hours a day.
5) lived in nebraska all my life. except for a 6 year stint in iowa.
6) i. like. to. take. photos.
7) i took the photo above by using the 10 second timer. and my camera was propped on a coffee cup. and i took about 8 photos before i took one that didn't make me shudder.
8) striving for bliss
9) looking forward to this writing assignment (remember, i like words. and pictures.)


Bette's Bags said...

Hi, Leah!

Miss Amy O said...

already a fan of moxiephoto- happy to read a bit more. :)

Rachel said...

i'm already a follower of her blog and it's great reading more about Leah:)

great blog u got here=)

forrestina vintage said...

It's like you have a transporter from STAR TREK and you 'beamed' over here; that's pretty cool. That other girl is nice, too (I don't think she's as moxie as you but we shall see...)

Rather brave of you to post a photo, friend. :)