Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Owl Iphone or Ipod Cozies Now Made to Order on Etsy!

Eco Felt Owl Iphone or Ipod Cozies Made to Order $22
Horray! I'm now offering Eco Felt Owl Iphone / Ipod Cozies made to order in my Etsy shop! There is currently 24 different designs to choose from, just pick one and I'll make it! Of course, you can also customize if you'd like a different selection or see a different combo that you'd like! This is my first made to order offering and I'm super excited - over the next few months I'll be moving more items over to a made to order format to make things more customizable for you all! I should also be continuously updating the rest of the shop little by little so keep checking in with me!


Viraj said...

Ooo these are super cute! Too bad they're not for the Kindle though...then we'd be talking :)

softspoken said...

in love with these!