Tuesday, May 10, 2011

List: Random Things

  • Got to see an old friend of mine and it was truly awesome! I miss her soooo much!
  • 10/4 Good buddy! Picked up some weird CB interference on my computer speakers several times - Crazy!
  • I haven't had a blow pop, a lifesaver, or any other hard candy in like a week! I'm proud of myself! 
  •  I am in huge *heart* with Lalaloopsy dolls! They're sew cute and the perfect addition to my crafty lab! 
  • Shared a nice Mother's Day with my fam! 
  • Have had a lot of fun sourcing new materials for my book projects
  • Sneezing a lot, Thanks pollen! 
  • Crossing my fingers a special project goes through! 
  • Making an endless amount of Owl cozies for folks all over the globe 
  • Babydogsitting - with extra dogs around I like to refer to them as my entourage since they follow me everywhere
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