Thursday, July 7, 2011

New! Dreamcatchers in the Etsy shop!

Felt Woodland Deer Dreamcatcher made from Embroidery hoop, vintage ribbon, hand embroidery, & eco friendly Felt! Now on Etsy!

Felt Fox Dreamcatcher made from embroidery hoop, hand embroidery, modern fabrics, and lace! Now on Etsy!
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 I'm so so close to reaching 500 sales on Etsy! I'm at 499!! Horray! It's so exciting reaching this shop milestone! To celebrate I'm giving away a FREE GIFT with every purchase on Etsy(**hint**it just happens to be a little gocco print made by me!**unfortunately however, this does exclude PDF purchases)! Just wanted to give you another little update - my book is going super well and I still *can't wait* to get to show everyone all the new & fun projects I've been working on! It has added a new burst of busy to my schedule though but it's super refreshing to be churning out some brand new goodies!  


A Cup of Sparkle said...

Your dreamcatchers are super duper cute!
500 MILESTONE sounds exciting. I am at 49 and excited to reach my 50 milestone - just one zero missing there :)

Good luck!

marysza said...

congratulations on almost 500 sales! i sold only 15 :) but i think im just a beginner :) i love your new dream catchers!!! they are super cute!! :D

gaudblogvrudaii said...

These are lovely! They look so fun and happy! Love the colours, the whole design.

Cheers! + Congrats for the +500 on Etsy!

Daria / LaLaMonde