Friday, August 28, 2009

Etsy Tips!

A few months back, I joined the Etsy Mentors Team, a team of expert sellers who help fellow etsians, and have been loving it! Its super fun to help other Etsy sellers, point them in the right direction for information, give critiques, answer questions, and a bunch more! Once you've been selling online for a while there's so much that you take for granted that you already know but might not be so obvious to someone just starting out. So many new sellers haven't even discovered there's a complete guide to selling on Etsy written by Etsy, called the Etsy Seller Handbook! Since there's so much advice out there (good & bad) on selling on Etsy, selling arts & crafts, how to be self employed, etc. and I've done a ton of research on this over the past - well really long time, I'm gonna start providing my favorite sources for info, great articles I find, and anything else I find useful and posting it here on the blog as a resource.

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