Monday, August 3, 2009

Update! Busy.

Been working on quite a few things lately, mostly goodies to go out to more awesome shops! Have some secret plans for the handmade shop and brand spankin new items coming soon (more art, more hoops, greetings perhaps, and maybe even some bags & purses)! I need to start working on webpage for Lova but haven't had the time to give it much thought! Finally got a few new pieces added to the handmade shop and should be updating quite a few times this week (but we'll see what happens, ha!). Got a few new bags, a killer pair of cowboy boots, & some neat housewares to be added to the vintage shop!

A teeny shop update:

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Rachel said...

i love these new pieces, they're sooo cute!!!

Kate8085 said...

Love the birds! Wonderful new to check out some cowboy boots!

amy said...

aw man, i love these! i'm going to check yer shops :)