Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flickr Group Spotlight : White Owl

I adore the idea of breathing new life into old things and making them beautiful again, White Owl does just that, by recycling & repurposing lovely vintage crochet, appliques, and lost jewels into pretty, delicate, & unique jewelry. White Owl is created by the sister team Spivak & Spivak from Detriot, Michigan, their beautiful statement pieces can be found online in their Etsy Shop & specialty boutiques worldwide. Visit the links below to find out more about White Owl!

White Owl on Etsy
White Owl Blog
White Owl on Flickr
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leah said...

wow. love these. and the photos of them too!

Spotted Sparrow said...

I love White Owl! I bought a bag from them a few months ago (seen on your blog) and it is still my favorite bag. And the Spivak sisters couldn't be nicer.

Jodie / Lova Revolutionary said...

I love them too! Just so delicate, feminine, & unique, they've got great styling going on in their pieces & photos, can't help but to eat it up!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

What a great collection of jewelry pieces! Love the lace necklaces. SO cool!