Thursday, October 15, 2009

Its not even Halloween yet but let's start talking about X-mas!!!

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Hey everyone!! Just like the mega stores, I'm rushing the season, hah! Its funny when you start becoming a maker of things you have to start thinking about the holidays & the seasons far in advance. I've been thinking about x-mas goodies since last month, and finally got some up on Etsy! (Hopefully will be getting some out to my stockists very soon as well!) It is still sort of odd to be staring at my work table with a pile of half complete x-mas trees pre-halloween - the weather has barely even started to change here in VA! However, I love the holidays so its getting me into the mood for fall/winter and all the good things to come!

Here's some of my new arrivals on Etsy:

1 comment:

megan e said...

oh boy, christmas already! Im in Sydney but originally from NY...and its just not going to be christmas until I see some snow!