Monday, March 1, 2010

It's so close to almost officially spring!

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Holy Moly it's already March! Working on our 3rd month of 2010 and I never wrote much about goals or resolutions or anything like that, well maybe once! I had my Etsy-versary but didn't do much celebrating, just getting ready for the new year! LR is officially 1 year & 1 month old! I'll try to do a really cool giveaway sometime soon!

I feel like I've been totally absent here online but I've been working like crazy lately on tons of large orders, revamping the craft room, & spending way to much time with the dog! He even runs errands with me, he knows what 'post office' means. Man, I need friends IRL. ha!

But anyhow, I've spent the first part of this new year trying to reorganize and streamline LR, trying to make things more efficient and get a real work flow down. Everything I make is hand cut, hand stitched, handmade down to my packaging so anything I can do to save some time and produce more with my two little hands is totally necessary! Much of 2009 was trial & error and I learned a ton about having an online biz, wholesale, and working A LOT. 2010 has been rocking so far and I hope to improve overall in running my biz & cranking out tons of cute things this year! If anything, 2010 has got to be better than 2009 for all of us really! Let's face it, 2009 kind of sucked!

Anyhow, a few things I've Accomplished so far:

-New revamped Wholesale Catalog
-A few New Products - Acorn & Owl Plush, Card Wallets, Rosettes - more new goodies to come
- Just to name a few : I'm working on pillows - in different shapes resembling real cute things & regular square ones, things with patchwork, one more wallet design, possibly headbands, sachets, or eye pillows, & fingers crossed some handbags (I really want to make handbags!!!)
-New packaging & branding materials - product info cards, buttons, & packaging tags
-Offering Wholesale direct on Etsy
-Set up & still organizing new craft lab

Stuff I hope to accomplish in the near future:

-Getting all of my consigners adequately restocked for Spring
-Introducing some of the new items I'm working on! See above.
-Blogging more & keeping up with the flickr pool
-Getting a bunch of backstock together for shows & shipping out
-Trying to update the Etsy shop more often - at least 3 times a week! Actually I wouldn't mind trying to get more goodies into the Vintage shop as well!

Well, that's all for now! Keep checking back for updates on new goodies, posts from the flickr group, an upcoming giveaway, & other cool stuff!


Anonymous said...

love those rainbows! :D

Cherry Runway said...

Those rainbows are SO pretty!!!