Thursday, March 18, 2010

What I've been up to this week!

I love doing great big batches of goodies, small cute things just seem even cuter when there's more of them! Have a few more wholesale orders to accomplish this week, then I'll have some free time to do a shop update - looking forward to it! I'll be posting more keychains to the shop, a few ipod cozies, & a few more plush!

Keeping my fingers crossed until later this month - hoping to get into Spring Bada Bing in Richmond, VA. I was really stoked about doing Rock n Shop Market in Raleigh, NC back in Dec but unfortunately got snowed in and couldn't make it! I've yet to do a neat craft show so I'm looking forward to the experience - have my displays ready to go and everything!

***UPDATE: I just found out today that I was accepted for the Spring Bada Bing! Looking forward to RVA for the day and selling cute goodies in real life! ha! (March 19th)

I have a busy few months ahead - it's going to be hectic, looking forward to vacation in June already! In May, I'll be exhibiting in the craft gallery at Gallow Lily's inside Gallery 5 in Richmond, VA! More details to come about that soon, might even get to show you all a little work in progress! It's going to be new work so a little removed from my accessories & plush! Thanks all for now! Happy crafting!

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Sarah said...

They look great all together! This is something I need to get working on. I tend to cut everything out and hide them away again after that! Oops?!

Jodie / Lova Revolutionary said...

Yeah I fall into that trap too! I think 'oh I'll precut everything to save time' then it ends up in a hodge podge box of things I never end up using. When I'm working on a big order or making things for my shop I just cut what I need to make.

PolymerClayTutor said...

I love your work, it is so happy! You can't help but smile when you see it!