Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything Update

I've been up to a lot lately! I have some new projects coming up that I'm really excited about but can't share yet! I'm still hoping to post the giveaway that I've been meaning to do (hopefully in just a few days) but the past few weeks have been full of distractions! The plus is they've been rather good distractions! Here's a few random neat things:

Won a pretty awesome giveaway on Twitter from @Crafternews, received a ton of neat books!
Received some brand new Eco Felt from Kunin!  I'm not sure the new printed Eco Felt by Kunin is available in stores yet so I thought I'd share! It's super fun, I can't wait to try out some new projects with it! It's also super soft, I've seen other printed felt before and well, this new Eco felt is just different! Most I've seen has been almost like a screen print on felt and its rather rough on one side, this new printed Eco felt almost seems woven as it has the same soft felt texture on both the back & printed side. Looking forward to see what other prints come out! I'd love to see some polka dots or ginghams! 
I got married! My new hubby Joe & I decided to just go get hitched & just be married, we tied the knot on Feb. 28th! We've been together a long time and well I'm just not one for big parties but don't get me wrong - I'll totally go to your big party, just didn't want to plan one myself!! However, we did a have a super nice family party last weekend to celebrate! Horray!
Updated the Shop with a Tree Mobile today - I added a sweet little butterfly to this one!


maggie said...

Hello Jodie. I'm new here :).

Firstly, congratulations on your marriage! :) I had a quiet marriage just like you did, not a big fan for big parties too.

That's a lovely tree mobile there. Simple and sweet!

jooleedoh said...

congrats on your marriage! i love married life. :)

and your crafts are ADORABLE! i may just have to get something. :)

thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.

Jodie / Lova Revolutionary said...

Thanks for your sweet comments Maggie & Jooleedoh! I really appreciate it! I'm definitely looking forward to settling to married life and see where it takes us!

Jooleedoh - once again, I totally loved your 90's styling - there's so many things 90's inspired right now but everyone seems to be sticking to the 60's & 70's for style inspiration! It's like why not the 90's, it was such a unique/anything goes time for clothes & well life in general really!

marysza said...

oh myyyy that tree is so lovely|! congrats for winning the giveaway.. so many books! ;D

ps. im also inviting you to my little giveaway!

About me said...

Love the tree mobile! I'm from the Indie Free Spirits team :) Following ya. I'd love it if you could check out mine :)

A Cup of Sparkle said...


I recently discoverd your lovely blog and Etsy shop. Great work!!