Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yummy Pop

Related Posts Widget for Blogs by LinkWithinI do my best to stay on top of current trends but this one totally slipped past me for some reason...I went to Starbucks today (shame on me) and was offered something I just couldn't refuse - a cake pop! I should have been sticking to my New Years diet but there was just something about a 20 inch picture of a cake pop that spoke to corndogs, popsicles, & lollipops some things just work great on sticks! (and well my drink was soy with no whip so it all balanced out!)
Spring Cake Pops by Bella Bites Cake Pops on Etsy
Then I became totally intrigued by cake pops and started googling them, looking on Etsy, checking for recipes...cake pops are everywhere! How did I not notice them before? Anyhow, I also found a recipe & how-to on Etsy by Bakerella for Cake Pops! Have any of you tried making your own delicious cake pops? I can't wait to try it!

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