Tuesday, March 6, 2012

QYDJ on Etsy

Hope you enjoy these random studio shots - they were part of my interview for the Quit Your Day Job series over on Etsy - check it out if you get a chance! Hopefully there are some useful tips there for new sellers - since this month is National Craft Month the focus in the seller handbook section on Etsy will be helping people get their Etsy shops found and other useful things like that! I'll follow up this post with my full story about quitting my day job pretty soon! In other news, you'll start to see some changes soon here on the blog! Stay tuned for that!   

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Anonymous said...

Wow- good for you! I love your studio too- so bright and colorful!

Photoshop Wizard. Handmade Scientist.Everything from ♥ said...

I´ve just read your interview for Etsy and saw your blog, both incredible! Thank you for sharing with us.

Jodie / Lova Revolutionary said...

Thanks so much for the comments!

Shop to be Green said...

Thanks for sharing your studio. I especially love The Empire Strikes Back tshirt: )!

Anonymous said...

I found your shop on Etsy because of you QYDJ interview!
Love your shop and I just had to come by and meet the artist behind all the beautiful colour!
Very different from my own work, but I like variety, so there! Ha!

Stop by sometime, if you like.
Ciao Bella

Your newest follower
Creative Carmelina