Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Gift for Rachel Ray

Custom Embroidery Hoop for Rachel Ray gift bag

Related Posts Widget for Blogs by LinkWithinJust wanted to show off a custom hoop I made for a special Rachel Ray gift bag! I was selected by the Artisan Group to participate along with 28 other crafters and since I'm fan of the Rachel Ray show, I couldn't wait to make a custom hoop for Rachel! (It's my guilty pleasure but I totally love day time tv, well mostly Live! with Kelly & RR and of course you can't forget about Price is Right - yes, I am a 80 year old stuck in a 31 year olds body!) I made the hoop in the same style as others in my shop but personalized it - those of you that watch the show will get it! 

I also hand stitched a cute little felt envelope pouch for the hoop to go in - it turned out so cute that I'm going to post up a tutorial on how to make one in just a day or two so be on the look out for that! It makes a perfect reusable gift bag, envelope for love letters, a little sack for make up, or a place to organize random things like small toys, etc.!

Anyhow, let me know what you think! Have you ever gifted a celebrity or had one visit your etsy shop?

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marysza said...

this embroidery looks amazing!!