Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter Egg Cake Pops
Peeps Factory
Sweet Easter Print
Easter Egg Cookies
Wool Felt Easter Peeps Cat Toys Hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend! I'll be baking two batches of cake pops & some potato salad for Sunday's get togethers! Oh and I forgot about buttermilk biscuits! Have you ever tried to make cake pops? It's so easy but kind of a lot of steps and there is a little finesse to it. Meredith (SIL & @handfashioned) got me the Bakerella Cake Pops Kit for Xmas which was pretty helpful! It also came with cute little baggies & ribbon for gifting some cake pops! I have to say if you have not had a cake pop, you are truly missing out - they are the most delicious ever! Homemade ones are even better! I'll post up some tips on making them next week! I also haven't forgotten about my envelope tutorial, I'll be posting it soon! Happy Easter everyone!
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