Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Quilt Market 2012

This week I'm headed to Quilt Market for the first time ever to promote my new book Happy Stitch, it's going to be crazy considering I still have a felt mountain of work to do before I leave, laundry to do, shopping to be done, mini-stress freakouts to be had, and having to catch an insanely early flight in Bmore (that's Baltimore by the way) on Thursday. I'm so not complaining, even though it seems like complaining - traveling any place just stresses me out, there never seems like enough time to prepare!  

 *Anyhow* if you're heading to Quilt Market come visit me at my School House Session on Friday, Oct 26th @ 12:45-1:15pm in Room 372D to hear all about how to put together classes from Happy Stitch and stop by the F&W Booth #559 on Saturday at 11pm for a Happy Stitch Book Signing! I'll also be instagraming & tweeting & facebooking a bunch from Market so be sure to check in with me for some eye candy over the weekend!

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