Monday, August 11, 2008

Sheryl Crow’s “Very Americana” Clothing Line

Created 2008-08-11 04:20

Sheryl Crow's new Bootheel Trading Co line of jeans, vests and T-shirts is set to debut [1] in Dillard’s department stores on Aug. 7 .

“I have an incredible amount of vintage that I’ve collected over the years,” says Crow.

“My style is very Americana. I gravitate to pieces that are American by nature, either western or Depression-era.”

Crow, 46, who wanted the denim-based line she calls “comfortable and earthy” to still be affordable for her friends back home. “Denim has become so high-priced as of late. My friends back home don’t want to spend $250 for a pair of jeans. I want them to be able to walk into a medium-priced store and be able to afford a cool pair of jeans for less than 100 bucks.”

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