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August 12, 2008 - 12:21PM

Conspicuous logos and white frames a-la Victoria Beckham are on the way out but oversized sunnies, aviators and mirror glasses are hot, hot, hot.

Any self-respecting fashionista can tell you sunglasses are about more than protecting your eyes against the sun.

Your sunnies can hide tired or red eyes while adding glamour, mystery, elegance and impact to any outfit.

And as Bono has shown, nothing screams "rock-star" more than a cool pair of sunglasses worn indoors, at night or when there isn't a ray of sun around.

Here are a few upcoming trends in these perennial fashion faves.

Big and round: Oversized sunglasses are still very in, according to Dawn Klimaszewski, marketing director for Maui Jim sunglasses. "In fashion, the big thing is the big frames. But it's evolving. More rounded, smaller."

Logos on the outer: Longtime luxury brand lovers are looking for a way to differentiate themselves from their flashier counterparts with understated elegance.

Old-school classics: Vintage-inspired remains hot, says Melanie Martin, spokeswoman for the New York-based Sunglass Association of America. "Some of those vintage glasses used to have a flat lens. But new lenses can have a full wrap with details inspired by Jackie O, but wrapped a little more around your face, which gives you more protection."

Aviators still flying high: Aviators are still big for men and women," Martin says. Klimaszewski adds, "Oversized is fashion but aviators are hot everywhere else."

Haute hues: Shiny black is No 1. From the vintage trend, tortoise shell remains popular and champagne shades are gaining fast. White sunglasses are fading, while navy continues to be strong. Fluorescents are said to be on the ascent including those from names like Dior.

A little bit of sparkle: Jewellery lines like Tiffany and Bulgari are huge right now, says Barry Kay of Hollywood Eyes. "They copy their jewellery designs on the sides of the frames. They sell well because of the uniqueness." These glasses can get pricey, though. A limited edition design from Fendi, loaded with hand-placed Swarovski crystals, goes for around $US1,000.

Mirror, mirror: What goes best with your metallic dress or your foil-effect T-shirt? Mirror-like materials are beginning to shine again, especially with high-tech metals and colourful plastics from the likes of Jimmy Choo and Dior.


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