Saturday, November 1, 2008

Even more Secrets! Tag you're it!

Oh my! I've been tagged again! I must share 7 super secrets and tag 7 others to do the same...I was tagged by Tulip's Talking, member of Etsy Bloggers Street Team and proud Etsy store owner of Mockingbird Designs & Tulips Treasure Box. So here it goes:

1. I love to bake, its one of my favorite things! I get my supreme baking skills from my mum, who is also a master baker and cooker for that matter. The holiday season is a huge time for baking in my family. I think we usually end up with more baked goodies than actual food but since the holidays are a time to indulge, why not! Looking forward to December and making dozens and dozens of cookies! (so expect to see more recipes coming soon to the blog, but probably not many for actual food) Anyhow, I generally bake about once a week and love to make things from scratch! I rarely buy any prepared sweet stuff, store bought cookies, etc. , I'd rather just make it myself, its usually yummier that way!

2. Sometimes I listen to gangsta rap in the morning, just gets my day going for some reason.

3. I have a terribly bad sense of humor. Well, I wouldn't say bad, but terribly dry, and it takes a lot to make me laugh! Which is a shame because I love to laugh, I just find that most things just really aren't that funny. However, when I do find something funny, I might bust out laughing for 5 minutes or even snort a little.

4. I have a "tramp stamp." For those of you that may not know, a tramp stamp is a tattoo on your lower back, at your waist line or close to your hips. I insist that I got it before tramp stamps were cool and I also insist that its not tribal.

5. Not so secret, secret. I sold my first painting on Etsy @ my new handmade shop! I've sold paintings before, just not on etsy, so I'm pretty excited!

6. Almost everyone in my fam, Pops, Sister & Brother all play the drums! I'm a music lover but never really had the urge to pick up an instrument. I can, however, play london bridge on the piano. My Dad was a drummer in a rock n roll band in the 60's and played around the Cleveland area in Ohio. He got to play with many big names of the day and was even scouted by The Sun Record Company - of Elvis and Johnny Cash fame! A few of his bands songs were recently rediscovered by a lover of old rare rock n roll tunes and placed on 2 internationally distributed compilation cd's - Teen Town USA Volume 15 & 16!

7. More about food, I like to drink iced coffees. I drink warm coffee sometimes, but prefer iced whenever possible. But my absolute favorite is iced chai tea!

Now spill more beans:

Tag your it!
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Anonymous said...

Certainly enjoyed learning of your "spilled beans"! Thanks for playing.


Charissima said...

Just for the record I also have a tramp stamp... & no its not tribal!!!!!

Mommy Bee said...

I posted my seven secrets here if you'd like to come visit