Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ruffles, tweed and tights: A fall fashion review

y Ashley Kiely
November 19, 2008
Though runways across the world are already showing the looks for spring 2009, here at Elon, students are just feeling the effects of fall.

As the leaves change color and the air becomes crisp, the flip-flops of summer should be moved aside to make room for suede short boots and jewel tone flats.

This fall is about combining modern looks with a dash of the past. It’s not the season of bare legs and revealing dresses, but of the high-waisted trouser and Victorian- inspired blouses.

The Victorian ruffle has made its presence known on dresses, blouses and jackets this season. The look is elegant but youthful at the same time.

Though ruffles may seem a little dramatic for the collegiate setting, try pairing them with a form-fitting menswear jacket. Button or belt the jacket at the waist so the center ruffle is peeking out the top. This combination creates a delicate and modern look.

When looking for Victorian- inspired pieces, high neck blouses, feminine lace and neck bows all create a girly but sleek style.

Menswear pieces are a great way to achieve a minimalist look while still being fashion forward. The high-waisted pant and a men’s button-down shirt are sophisticated without looking overdone.

Revamp the classic fall corduroy in a slim fit and bold fall color. The cord can be worn with a belted sweater. Students can show off their studious side with a structured blazer instead, creating a preppy but polished look that will not fade.

The silhouette for fall is the bell curve, fitted on top with volume just below the waist. Designers such as Diane von Furstenberg and Proenza Schouler showed this look can range from modern casual to elegant dressy.

These labels may be high-priced for college students, but there are low-budget options. A simple way to create the bell shape is by cinching the waist of a loose dress with a belt.

Keep your legs warm in fall dresses and skirts with colored tights. They add a pop of color and contrast to an outfit while keeping it fun and classy.

One of the dominant parts of fall fashion are textures and patterns.

Out with the large print herringbone and in with tweed and plaid. These fabrics, when paired with rich velvets, create the old country look that will keep the chill away while looking chic on the walk to class.

Any journey to Moseley would not be complete without the right footwear. The shoe is an important piece of the “in” look, making the leather riding boot a must have this fall.

Keep in mind while shopping this fall that florals are not just a spring and summer pattern. Designers such as Michael Kors and Etro brought winter floral to the runway. Winter florals in fall hues and earth tones are a nice twist on the conventional heavy patterns associated with autumn.

A winter floral dress paired with tights is a great holiday outfit that can also be worn casually to class. It is a soft and romantic look that will brighten an overcast fall day.

Still not ready to push your floor-length dress to the back of the closet? Don’t cover it with sweaters yet. Bring that maxi dress into fall by adding a cropped jacket and scarf to bring it back to life.

Both military-inspired and leather jackets are great options to keep the chill away. The contrast of the long dress and the cropped jacket will elongate the body. You may even end up liking your maxi dress better in fall than in the summer.

Keep in mind this fall to first work with what you own already. Then fill in the holes with the fall looks that suit you to create a personal style that will rival any runway look.

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