Tuesday, November 18, 2008

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As the economy founders and the ranks of unemployed grow, shoppers are embracing their inner thrift.

According to a new survey of 1,500 U.S. adults from WSL Strategic Retail, 52 percent of respondents agreed with this statement: “I’m proud of all the little ways I’ve found to save money.”

More than half of the participants were using more coupons and reading store circulars more closely. Sixty-two percent said they are more likely to wait for a sale before making a purchase.

Home cooking is back in fashion and so are leftovers — a trend supported by strong sales at companies like Kraft and weak sales at restaurants.

More than half of women polled said they were avoiding stores where they tend to overspend.

When its comes to paying the bill, 35 percent of the shoppers said they were less likely to use credit cards to pay for purchases. On the other hand, some said their credit cards were helping them get from paycheck to paycheck. So, it follows that 24 percent of respondents said they owe more on their cards than a year ago.

The money saving tactics go beyond stores. The survey also showed that people are doing more housework, from cleaning to gardening.

“True thrift is the intelligent use of time and money and we see it becoming a major trend to survive in these trying times … and likely a longer-term change in culture,” WSL said.

What’s your thrifty tip?

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