Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Etsy Shop Fav of the Day : Made by Mavis

I absolutely adore Made by Mavis! Ana @ Made by Mavis creates the most cute & lovely terrariums, so green & lively! I recently acquired a cute terrarium at local craft show, mine came in a large tall canning jar, complete with rock, bell, & penguin (which I asked the crafter to switch out of another jar, it was a really cute penguin!), of course, a Star Wars mini was quickly added to the mix by bf upon arrival home. I truly want to be a plant person, however, the only plant I can seem to keep alive is a stick of bamboo that I got from IKEA. I tried growing herbs once, but in the hazardous environment of the kitchen, they didn't last long. I'm thinking of starting a garden soon but am afraid I will just end up with a big dirt square in the yard and no yummy, delicious veggies. We'll see what happens, I'll probably do it. My terrarium is even looking a little sad these days - and this is supposed to be the one plant you don't have to take care of! I tried adding a little water a few months ago but it only made the situation worse! Its still alive, the little strawberry plant inside is still growing but its not exactly as green & beautiful as it once was.

Here's my fav from Made by Mavis (cutest terrarium shop ever - read her Etsy Seller Feature Here) This would match my kitchen and my vintage Pyrex!!!

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