Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tagged! I spy photos!

I was tagged by Shimmer Me Blue to share a photo with fellow bloggers! Shimmer Me Blue has a very nice jewelry shop @ Etsy - please check out her lovely jewels @!

Here's the rules:

Choose the 6th image out of your 6th picture folder from your computer and blog it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same!

Okay, I have a bazillion photos on my computer, probably taking up a whole lotta hard drive space but whatever, I have a hard time with deleting stuff...I need more externals! Anyhow, insteading of sharing photos of my stuff or shop, I went for my personal stash - I try to stay anonymous on the net but it keeps getting harder & harder! You people are so nosey! haha! My 6th folder is entitled "Nibbies" - my stash of photos of my dog. I -really- love my dog (more coming about that later). Since the 6th photo was actually my bf snoozing with the dog - way cute-, I'll have to post my 7th photo - Captain Nibbles Baby Pic!

Captain Nibbles = Lova Revolutionary Mascot, Cat tormentor, Girls Best Friend, Fav Shoe Eater, Alarm Clock, Resident Goat, & The Best Ball Playing Lab Dog Ever.

Nibbies is now around 1 1/2 and roughly about 60 pounds bigger, this pic was taken just a short time after I got him, just a little baby dog! He was passed along to me after a friend of mine had gotten him for his little girls (awesome Dad!), unfortunately they were new to the pet world and it didn't work out :(. Labs are crazy dogs - He was and still is a total monster and unruly beast! However, I got an awesome friend & companion that brings me tons of joy everyday! Thanks Dave, Amy, & Stephanie!!!

Now for the super fun part! Tag you're it:



Shimmermeblue said...

Lmao, what's with labs?! Are they all like that? I have one too and he's just over 2 and still as crazy as ever! My best shoes are always his fav. He's such a little garbage monster too, it's insane! We have to keep the garbage in the hallway so he can't rummage through it!

Mary Helen said...

Ohhhhh!! He's sooo cute. My family has always had labs, and my bf and I wound up adopting a lab/pointer mix 3 years ago. They are so lovable, but yes, so mischievous!

NODtoMOD said...

OMG!! i have a black lab that is 7 mos old. totally crazy ...his name is oliver...ollie for short...and yes..i have the same problem with my photos...i cant delete ones of him because he is sooo cute. i love him to death! love lil' black labs. he is my baby!:)

Lova Revolutionary said...

Honestly, I came home one day, and Nibbies had ate firecrackers, not like the small little red ones but some big illegal firecrackers! haha! He didn't get sick or explode thank goodness ..but he will literally eat whatever. Yet sometimes perfect angel...definitely keeps me on my toes. Anyhow, I love lab lovers...thanks for the chats everyone!