Thursday, February 5, 2009

Giveaway Goodies : I got mail from Moxie Photo & Design!

I have to say, I love free stuff, who doesn't? One fun way to try and score some awesome stuff is to enter blog giveaways, its a unique way to find other artists, for artists to promote themselves, and get some neat handcrafted or artsy goodies delivered to your mail box. I recently won a giveaway from Leah @ Moxie Photo & Design, her photos are beautiful and she has a neat variety of goodies @ her etsy store - photos, notebooks, mirrors, magnets, & more! I've been trying to find some neat picture frames thrifting but haven't come across any yet! I bought a few the other day just to bring them home and discover they were the wrong size, I suppose a should have measured! Silly me! The hunt is on and they will be hanging around the house as soon as I find some interesting and worthy frames! Here's my booty:

Leah is currently having another giveaway at her blog! Check it out here.
Be sure to find Leah & Moxie Photo on Etsy:

Photos & Goodies :
Vintage Goodies :


leah said...

well, i do declare! what a nice surprise...this ode to leah..ok, not really an ode...but you know...its a funny thing reading along on a blog and then seeing your OWN pictures as a blog post. *blushing*

good luck frame hunting!

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