Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Animal Friendly Etsy: Beantown Handmade

I heart Beantown Handmade! I've been trying to take a good photo of Captain Nibbles (my insane black lab) so I can get a handpainted portrait necklace made! How they are able to get Bean to pose so perfectly, I do not know! Anyhow, If you're looking for a perfect gift for your pooch or an animal lover you know, Beantown Handmade is the place to shop! An awesome selection ranging from sweaters, scarfs, neckwarmers, notecards, sticks, & much more! Also a great place to find a neat gift for a Boston Terrior lover!

Visit Beantown Handmade :!

Gettin Squirrely Sweater $30.00

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