Thursday, March 19, 2009

Peace, Love, & Retro Art! Rachel Loves Peace @ Etsy!

I heart Rachel's retro lovin art & artists who enjoy spreading some peace, love, & happiness where ever they go! Her fancy little Owl paintings & prints are sure to bring some delight, they look like they were snatched via time machine from the 60's or 70's! A fab gift for the modern flower child!

Visit Rachel's Etsy Shop : Rachel Loves Peace
Stop by her Blog: Rachel is a Dreamer


rachellovespeace said...

Wow what a happy surprise! Thank you for posting on my art! ♥ I love your blog, your art, your vintage shop.. you are awesome! ☺
Peace & Love!!

chloejessica said...

YAY! Thats my (twin) sister! Go sis! And yeah your blog is awesome! <3!

allstarme717 said...

Yep, Rachel's art is wonderful :) Great feature.

rachellovespeace said...

i posted a thank you post on my blog:
hope it does justice to how awesome you are... thank you!!