Thursday, April 2, 2009

Animal Friendly Etsy : Vintage Renaissance

Had not seen these awesomely cute kitty beds until Today! My super sweet kitty - Sleepy Kitty would love one of these! Vintage Renaissance has a really neat collection of revamped vintage & vintage items at their storefront on Etsy! Also love the teapot lamp on their site, reminds me of Alice in Wonderland!

Every stylish, vintage loving kitty needs one of these:

Vintage Suitcase Kitty Beds are around $75.00 - find them at

Sleepy Kitty! Who currently has no bed (yes, I'm a bad furmom) and usually sleeps anywhere that's away from our obnxious lab Captain Nibbles. Here he is on my ironing board in my crafty office!


Frenzy23 said...

Those are too cute!
I wish I had a cat so I could get one

ShabbyNChic said...

Great item to feature! It creative, it's re-using items (which I love), and it's so cute!