Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flickr Picks : Lova Revolutionary Blog

Squiggle Kitty Toy by Jo Knotty Girl
Knotty Girl has a really fun selection of kitty toys & other fun items in her Etsy shop!

Drawstring Bag by Between the Lines
Cute & simple bag! Between the Lines also has a tutorial for this bag on her blog! Check it out here!
New Life by Daisy's Petal Jewelry
I found Daisy's Petal Jewelry from Twitter actually! This necklace makes me want a new maxi dress, thong flip flops, & my vacay to come really soon!!
Feeling Squirrely? by spotted sparrow
Way cute, I've been getting an overwhelming desire to make felt squirrels lately. They're cute, they make me slam on the brakes when driving a lot, what's not to love?

I don't like the sound of this by Sycamore Street Press
A long time Etsy Fav! Love Love this Shop!

Etsy Sellers, Handmade Lovers, Crafty Peoples should come join the Flickr Group!!! I love checking out all your handmade goodies! Who doesn't love a little free promo every once in awhile? New picks posted every Mon, Wed, & Fri!!


Frenzy23 said...

That first one is too cute! Can't she make toys for humans? :)

I also like the last one a lot, it had me smiling.

Ashley Brooke said...

These are all really great. I especially love the kitty toys!

Eva said...

thanks for posting our print by michele brummer-everett. she's awesome. i love her little orange bear.