Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Craft Office Inspiration!

Did a little almost spring cleaning & rearranging around the crib recently and we now have the official offices of Cave House Studios & Lova Revolutionary in our little house! The bf's office surely looks better than mine so far despite having a few computers, a very large tv, and a very large arcade machine! (Bf is currently working on a smaller, more compact version of his awesome arcade machine for the living room, will post about that later! He needs to sell them on Etsy, for real, guys need these!) I've been super busy lately and haven't had a chance to really start making my craft office my own little heaven....looking forward to it though! Although, I have a soft spot for really great by the book design, I'm sure my craft office will turn out more vintage trash chic punk rock bungalow tacky more than anything else! We'll see how it goes...I'll keep you posted! In the meantime, check out a little Craft Office Inspiration below:

Create by Wonderfully Complex

This is neat - I've been looking for an excuse to buy these big paper mache letters I keep seeing.

Home Sweet Home by Yokoo

I just sort of have a platonic crush on Yokoo! Ha!

Studio Spruce by o!rachew!

I'm diggin the clip boards instead of your average cork board. I also really like those painted candlesticks!


This makes me feel like I'm Liz Lemon and all I can I say is I want to go there.


chloejessica said...

Great photos! I think I like yummy goods best, but they all look awesome! :)

TilliEllie said...

I have to agree with chloejessica, I love yummy goods the best! Fab photos!