Thursday, July 24, 2008

Buy And Sell Homemade Items At

Al Ruechel, Your Technology, in a nutshell, is a site that helps you buy or sell hand crafted items.

Pictures show handmade T-shirts, handmade jewelry, pins and curios of every size and shape.
There are also one of a kind paintings; the list goes on and on.

There are more than 58,000 so the selection of items seems almost endless. Using a map, you can find sellers by location, which can affect the bottom line.

Buying is as simple as finding a picture of the item on the Web site and adding it to your cart. Shipping prices vary by weight and distance.

If you want to sell your crafts you register for a username, which is then linked to the etsy site. You do need an active credit card. Each item you sell with a picture of the item and a description will cost you 20-cents. It remains on the Web site for four months. When you sell an item there is a 3.5 percent sales fee collected by etsy.

Al Ruechel: I have talked to people who both use this site to purchase and sell hand-crafted items. They tell me price is very reasonable compared to say going to a flea market and payments to the sellers from etsy have been timely. The only problem some people have is getting into the site because apparently word has gotten out and it's very, very popular in the craft world.

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