Sunday, July 27, 2008

From eBay Obessesed Blog

by Jennifer Romolini

Good in a clutch

0724_pink 0724_wicker

I know I've written about vintage clutches before, but I might as well admit that they're a bit of a sick obsession of mine. Do you know why? Well, they're cheap, for one thing. At around $15 a pop, they're less than many of us (not me, but still) spend on lip gloss. They're also capable of actually making your outfit dressier or cooler, depending on the style. And lastly, they take up very little room, so you can collect a bunch and keep them around for special occasions (I store all of mine in one extra-large tote bag). If you have anything fancy to go to in the next couple of weeks, you should check out the following: this "Uptown Girl" '80s pink version, a super-chic white wicker one, and this gorgeous beaded piece, which looks like you found it in a Moroccan bazaar. 0724_moroccan

July 24, 2008

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