Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hot Vintage Looks: The Maxi Dress - From Lucky Mag eBay Obsessed Blog

I have to admit - I have a few Maxi Dresses. And yes, it does feel like wearing a nightgown and I have been known to wear one multiple days in a row...but what's better than looking cute and feeling like you're wearing pajamas? I disagree with Jennifer Romolini's friend that its horribly unflattering - Maxi dresses work great on many different body types! Look for one of my recent Retro Maxi Dress finds at Lova Revolutionary on Etsy this week!

The Maxi Dress Part 2: No one is immune


You remember how a few weeks back I was completely obsessed with maxi dresses and my friend kept giving me bunk about how they'd make me look enormous and like I was hiding something and they just didn't work on anyone but Angelina Jolie? Well, behold the e-mail I received yesterday from the same maxi-dress hater:

Subject: I have a confession
I just bought a maxi dress. I could smuggle goods back from Mexico in it—I def look like I'm hiding something. But I love it and will probably wear it all summer.

Seriously, it's a phenomenon—this season everyone I know has been weak to this garment's floaty, nightgown-like charms. I honestly don't even think they're that flattering (nor do I care)—I must own more. Today on eBay, I found three perfect specimens: a wild '70s-lady version with a gorgeous vintage print, a preppy, striped-at-the-bottom style, and this super-versatile black one, which not only can be dressed up or down but will also hide stains in case you (like me) decide to wear it too many days in a row.

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