Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Etsy Bloggers : Blog Carnival! Get Off Blogger & Get To Work Support

This is a series of bi-weekly topics I'll be writing for the Etsy Bloggers Street Team - every 2 weeks or so I"ll be responding to various topics picked by the very awesome Etsy Bloggers - this weeks topics were picked by Joey & Aleethea which have an awesome collection of very precious handmade baby items over at Etsy: This week we are to blog about work (past, present, or future) or relaxation - since etsying, blogging, and creating are what I do for relaxation (even though its sort of been my work for the last few months) I've decided to blog about the ever dreaded topic of work.

I'll tell you about the job I worked at for the longest - I worked in a very busy motorcycle shop for many years - however, I never did and still don’t ride motorcycles and had no prior knowledge of anything motorbikes when I began the job. I sold parts and accessories and eventually moved on to managing a killer service department : killer most in part because I loved the dudes I worked with – a very interesting and intelligent bunch – who I loved baking cookies for at x-mas time and who gave me the utmost respect even though I was a lady in a man’s world! However, I am still quite the girly girl but had a lot of fun getting my hands dirty, washing bikes, yelling about engine rebuilds, 9 hour recalls, and rude customers, carrying around tires, and working with mostly dudes (I was 1 of 4 female employees out of tons of dudes). I gained a lot of respect for mechanics – they are for the most part an honest bunch – sure there’s a lot of shady mechanics - but from what I’ve seen they truly value a job well done and people’s safety more than what they get credit for! I also know far more about engines, motorbikes, and repairs than I ever thought possible. And can spot fork tube pitting and tire cupping like no other!

More fun and interesting jobs I’ve had: barista, cyber cafĂ© worker, wig seller, retail manager, flyer creator, birthday party hostess, government worker, and more! Right now, my main work goals are to: 1. Keep loving and working on etsy! 2. Actually find a job!


storybeader said...

It's neat getting to know what everyone does in their life off the computer!

Jen said...

Thanks so much for sharing! Sounds like a great job :-)

QuirkyDolls said...

Too bad we all can't make a full time profitable job of crafting. I would be so happy just being an artist.