Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Awesome Etsy Finds: Cositas Serias Vintage

Cositas Serias Vintage @ Etsy features an awesome selection of vintage goodies including dresses, jackets, shirts, skirts, and rad accessories, handpicked by Patti in beautiful California! Cositas Serias Vintage ... Serious Little Things also features some original prints and zines by Patti. I've been lurking on Patti's storefront for quite some time, she has an excellent eye for vintage and you can find tons of fabulous items from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, & 80s! Patti also has a great blog over @ http://cositas-serias.blogspot.com/ where she blogs about etsy, art, CA happenings and lots more!

Patti, Thanks so much for the interview!

How'd you find your eye for vintage and do you wear vintage treasures?

When I was in the fifth grade my school held a book fair and the one book which caught my eye was a Time Life book on America in the 40s and 50s. It was packed with photography of teenage girls in bobby socks, oversized shirts and high waisted skirts. The guys were decked in zoot suits or cuffed up jeans. The movie stars were exceptionally glamorous. The book was nothing like I’d seen before and I desperately wanted it. “Santa Claus” delivered it under my tree that Christmas.
As much as I love hunting for vintage treasures for my shop, there are those special pieces I can’t bear to part with. My favorite vintage article is a cream colored dress with a beautiful cut out design on the top and rouching at the waist.

I adore anything art history and actually minored in it in college, I know you dig art history as well....if you could have lunch with any artist (famous or not, dead or alive) who would it be and what might you talk about?

Definitely French performance artist Orlan. She is a pioneering feminist artist from the early 1970s and is most known for her performance art which she uses her body as her canvas. I’m currently writing a research paper on her so having her out for lunch would be invaluable, ha ha. Of course, she speaks solely French and I do not so we’ll need a translator, so how about Annette Messager. Ok so that’s two artists, but hey! I’d love to hear what Orlan has to say about tattoo art and how different body modifications tie into developing new body/beauty image constructs for women.

When you shop for vintage, where do you go?

I am on the mailing list for a local estate sale company which informs me of every estate sale they will be holding in my area. They have estate sales every two weeks! Also, I’m the biggest thrift shopping fan. Whenever I am visiting a new city, checking out their local thrift shops is a must.

Sadly, I've never been to the West Coast! Describe a little bit about CA style and tell me something I might not know about the LA area.

California style varies from city to city and even within cities from casual to super elegant or over the top. Since California is the most culturally diverse state in the U.S, it is beautiful to see how different everyone is. The LA area holds some of the best art galleries I’ve been to. For anyone visiting LA, The Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, MOCA, LACMA, the Getty, El Tropico de Nopal and Self Help Graphics (to name a few) are a must to check out to get a vast look at art in the city.

You have some awesome prints & zines at your storefront, What inspires you and what's your favorite artistic medium?

With my ‘zines, I am primarily inspired by feminism, a very prominent and vital movement in my life. My family and culture inspire my art making. I love exploring the little things that make up my Mexican cultural upbringing, from clothing, to transportation, home d├ęcor and religious iconography.

You're an Etsy veteran...What advice would you give to new Etsy sellers? & What made you want to open Cositas Serias Vintage?

Match your user name with your shop name. Use your banner to really sell the style of your shop. Show support to other etsians by commenting on their treasuries or hearting their items and shop. Etsy is a fantastic community, embrace it! I decided to open Cositas Serias (taken from a lyric of an Aterciopelados song) after tossing the idea around a few months with an old friend. I came upon tons of great vintage clothing one day and decided to finally take the plunge using my cousins and sister as my models!

Do you have any new or exciting projects in the works?

I am currently in a gallery exhibition and design program at my school. I am working towards curating an art show. The next 8 months will be dedicated to searching for an artist/s, coming up with a theme, finding a location for the show, planning the reception, etc. Everything that has to do with designing an art show. Very time consuming yet extremely rewarding.
I will also be working on handmade jewelry and upcycled shirts which will be up in my shop soon!

& Last but not least, Tell me 3 interesting facts about you!

1. I am an aspiring tattoo artist
2. I just saw Cindy Crawford at Disneyland yesterday.
3. Plans for my own clothing line are in the works!

Find Cositas Serias Vintage @ Etsy : http:/CositasSeriasVintage.etsy.com
Read the blog @ http://cositas-serias.blogspot.com/
Visit Patti's Old Storefront @ http://lepatti.etsy.com

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upcycledlove said...

WOW! What a great interview! You know, it's because of Patti that I have an etsy shop and even though I don't have a lot of things in it right now, she inspires me to want to put a lot of items so I can be as successful as her!
*Patti I love you and your artistic soul!!!!!!