Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Project Runway’s Leanne Marshall Sells Her Wares On Etsy - www.thefrisky.com

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We’ve always known that “Project Runway” contestant Leanne makes beautiful clothes, so our decision to support Leanne on this week’s season finale was solidified when we discovered she has an Etsy shop where she has been vending her girly Leanimal line of clothes since last summer. Unfortunately, none of her designs are available right now—on her shop’s home page, she apologizes for her absence, saying “You may know it’s because I was working on a collection for Fashion Week. I am finally back to work for me as usual. More stuff finally coming this week!” We tried reading into the statement to figure out whether Leanne is this season’s winner, but then we got distracted by the feedback she has received on her clothes. While her 193 Etsy buyers aren’t Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, or Michael Kors, they are a satisfied bunch of ladies who adored Leanne’s line even before she became a reality TV star. Here’s a sampling:

“Wow, the dresses are beyond gorgeous! I’m amazed at how well made they are, and how they fit like a dream! I’m so thrilled. Leanne is one of the sweetest etsy sellers around! Unbelievably talented and her designs are divine. I want to get more smile” —Sunflowers

“I feel like a ballet dancer. This is really cute!!! I wish you had more dresses in your Etsy shop------they are really adorable. Thanks!!! I hope you keep posting medium sizes.” —rachelle1

“Oh, wonderful, AGAIN! Leanne, you must stop making clothes! I cannot control my shopping impulses when I see your work. I need to stop visiting your shop because I simply can’t help but click to buy. Thank you! FYI - here’s a picture I’m using in my blog while wearing the Eva dress you made for me. Love it!” —Myra

“I just got this dress in the mail, and it’s absolutely exquisite! Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful items of clothing I’ve ever owned. And it fits perfectly! Thank you so much! I will definitely be buying from you again in the future smile” —danielleorsino

While you’re waiting for Leanne to open up shop again, browse her past designs, which feature the cutest descriptions ever, i.e, “This lovely little dress is made in a 100% cotton pool/ocean blue-ish green knit....In some of the photos, the fabric appears a little duller in color than it actually is. Think of the ocean in Hawaii.”

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