Friday, October 3, 2008

Etsy Bloggers Street Team : Tag You're It! Spill the Beans & Share Secrets!

I'm a newbie to the Etsy Bloggers Street Team and have had a warm welcome so far! This is a great team on Etsy for anyone who etsys and blogs about their indie crafts or vintage goodies! I've been tagged by SeaGlasserie over at Musecatcher Blog to share 6 secret details about myself! In turn I'll tag 5 other Etsy Bloggers to do the same!!!

1. Not so secret, secret: I love vintage, love shopping for vintage, love seeing people wear vintage, love being able to tell the difference between fake designer bags and real ones, and love lurking on other vintage storefronts on etsy. I confess - I don't wear much vintage myself. I have some cool vintage bags, love my retro kitchen wares, and have sported vintage in the past - I had the coolest retro addidas jacket and vintage levi corduroys back in the day but currently, I don't own much vintage! Although, I did pick up the most fabulous pair of Vintage Nine West Tan Heeled Boots that won't be making it to the storefront - they're too rad, I had to keep them for fall!

2. I won't be voting for Obama - or McCain for that matter. I'm sort of a news junkie, interested in politics, majored in History in college, and you might find me searching databases for interesting and obscure facts about the government. But the current state of affairs is absolutely ridiculous and the last few elections have been sort of like watching pro-wrestling. You can even chose your political candidate cup when you go to 7-11 for a cup of coffee. I won't be voting until the politricksters start putting the American People ahead of the Corporations, Banks, & Think Tanks.

3. I'm a sort of vegetarian or a flexatarian - I felt like I was cheating even when I took up vegetarianism since I never ate much meat in the first place, it wasn't much of a sacrifice - don't like it much, don't crave it much, didn't really miss it when I went veg. I recently started eating some meat again, in hope of making my boyfriend pleased at the dinner table, not being a pain in the butt to take out to dinner (come on restaurants, vegetarianism is not that uncommon and we don't live on only salad), and for certain health concerns! Felafals are my favorite!

4. Another not so secret, secret: Back to thrift/vintage : I'm uber cheap and I dislike money(there's gotta be a better way), not the cheapskate, stingy, regift type cheap, but I love being thrifty whether I'm broke or rollin in cash flow. I have always shopped at thrift stores or at the clearance rack for as long as I can remember! I rarely buy things that are full price, cut coupons and wait for sales, when I do shop commercial I love discount retailers and hate the mall, and I don't upgrade things or get new gear frequently- if it functions - I don't need a new one. Plus its hard to justify most mass produced consumer goods purchases these days - all the stores carry almost the same products in different boxes, profits are high, goods aren't that inexpensive, quality is low, and workers are practically slave laborers. Anyhow, I love to shop around for the best deal and highest quality products!

5. I love, love, love, art! All types of art, in all forms, from anywhere around the globe. Seeing art, making art, supporting other artists, and being inspired by the handmade revolution! While I've mostly spent time promoting my Vintage Shop on Etsy - I have a few things over at my new Handmade Shop and will be posting more soon! I have been into art since I was a kid and could draw realistically and cartoony by around the third grade and used shading in my coloring books. Also, watching Bob Ross paint on tv was one of my favorite things! I love studying art history and reading works by artists. One of the best things about living close to the District is that most of the art galleries and museums are free! I've recently started to knit and want to learn crochet - the more things I can do with my hands the better!

6. I'm not overly enthusiastic about the technological information age. I don't really like computers, email, cell phones, do not own a tv, etc. (as mentioned above, I don't upgrade, I carried around this humongous cell phone well into the 2000's, think - night at the roxbury or old car phones). I'm kinda old school - miss hearing a real telephone ring, making mix tapes, and life with maps before gps/bad google or mapquest directions! However, I'm totally surrounded by technology all the time and use it frequently. I secretly do love etsying and blogging and digital photos! I'm also a sucker for mp3 players, since I'm a music lover and love to dance (only when other people are), but don't really want an ipod.

Enough about me - Lets talk about you - Now for the super fun part:

Tag you're it!!

1. craftyjuicebroker
2. miesmama
3. kkennedydesigns
4. IllusionFushion
5. PurrPrints


PurrPrints said...

Wow--those are some interesting details--i don't know if i'll be able to come up with anything interesting enough to do this meme--lol!

Lova Revolutionary said...

Hehe! Thanks! 2 more secrets - I'm actually sort of nerdy! & I really want to move far away from a city! I bet Kentucky is beautiful - My brothers girlfriend is originally from there and I'd love to visit one day - I'd sorta like to move out there or maybe the mountains of WVA or any place in NC!