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Etsy Ramps up Holiday 2008 Shopping Marketing Campaign -

By Ina Steiner
October 28, 2008

Etsy announced a number of initiatives to promote its marketplace during the holiday shopping season, including advertising and search engine optimization. Etsy is running online, print, and radio advertising, email marketing, and media outreach.

Etsy is running full-page print ads in Good Magazine, Mother Earth News, and Plenty Magazine, and will begin a banner ad campaign beginning in November. And from October 31 through December 12, 2008, more than 500 radio spots will run on public radio stations in Austin, TX, Washington DC, Columbus, OH, Minneapolis/St Paul, MN, Seattle, Washington, Portland, OR, and Chicago. Article:

All About Etsy FAQ Series: Etsy 2008 Holiday Marketing

Back in September, I shared some information about how we were working to promote Etsy this holiday season. Some people have been asking for a bit of follow up, so without further ado:

1. SEO and SEM

"Etsy’s most significant marketing investment this holiday season will be in search marketing. Search marketing comprises both Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) and Search Engine Marketing (“SEM”)."

These ads are running now. Changes to optimize Etsy for search are also already underway.


"While the bulk of our advertising spending will be on search marketing, we think we can bolster brand awareness by advertising in a number of highly-targeted, socially-aware publications and their related websites."

You can see full-page Etsy print ads in Good Magazine, Mother Earth News, and Plenty Magazine. The ads feature Etsy artist fernanimals, and can be seen above. Beginning in November you will also see a banner advertising campaign running on many of your favorite websites.


"We spend a lot of time developing our messaging, pitching to the media and working with reporters and publishers on stories and product requests for the holiday season."

Press outreach has been going very well. We have had recent press in Inc Magazine (Etsy founder Rob Kalin is on the cover), Sydney Morning Herald, Business Week, The Chicago Tribune, The LA Times, The New York Times, New York Magazine, and Time Out NY to name a few. We have also recently been featured on ABC, FOX, and CBS affiliates across the country. Expect to see even more as we approach the holidays. To view some of the press we have already received, please visit and our press report here.


"Like its little sister, the EtsyMini (see how-to use the EtsyMini), the SuperEtsyMini allows you to embed Etsy products on external sites. Now, however, it is purely customizable."

The Super Etsy Mini is in the last phase of testing, and hopefully, will be ready to launch soon.

"Furthermore, we will be adding expanded resources, downloads, widgets, and important business and marketing information into the Promote section of Your Etsy, so we can help you better promote and improve your own shops and businesses."

This is still in progress, but not yet complete. The current resources can be found here. We also published the Etsy Seller Handbook on the blog here.


"We are planning many changes, but they will not be in place before the holidays. That said, there are a number of smaller but still very important improvements slated to launch pre-holidays. "

This is still true. Recently, the emails were redesigned. The next steps will be focused on increasing the number of people that sign up for our emails. Speaking of, go sign up to our Etsy email lists here.



"NASA and Etsy SpaceCraft Contest: We are currently planning an exciting late Fall promotion with NASA. (Yes, the space agency.) I am not yet permitted to go into too many details, but I think this promotion will help generate a good deal of media attention and open Etsy to many new audiences. We will keep you updated."

This will now be happening in the spring.

"Holiday Sweepstakes: One buyer-focused sweepstakes is currently in the planning stages for November/December. The details are not yet confirmed. "

We will not be going forward with this sweepstakes at this time, as there are more pressing projects that will result in greater impact for Etsy.

Upcoming Events:

"We will be representing Etsy at various holiday events around the country. Details will be announced in the Storque as we get closer to the holidays."

Etsy is involved with over thirty events between now and the holidays. Updates will be given in the Storque and in Etsy Success emails.

7. Public Radio

"We are also considering experimenting with sponsoring public radio in selected American markets where Etsy has strong penetration. The goal of such spots would be to drive brand awareness of"

We considered it, and we did it. From October 31 through December 12th 2008, more than 500 total radio spots will be running on public radio stations in Austin, TX, Washington DC, Columbus, OH, Minneapolis/St Paul, MN, Seattle, Washington, Portland, OR, and Chicago. If you're a public radio listener in one of those areas, let us know in the comments!

I will continue to keep you abreast of any new developments. Have a wonderful day.

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This is great news. However do you know if etsy do any marketing outside of America?